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We use baking as a tool to help people heal.

For many of us, we intuitively turn to the kitchen as a place of comfort and of respite. Yet baking as a tool for healing is a revolutionary idea, and we are proud to be at the forefront of the revolution.

Right from the start of the Iron Swords War, we recognized the importance of helping people through food. We opened our kitchen, catering a relocated wedding, making cookies and challah for those displaced from the Gaza border region. Yet we felt we could do more. 

Our unique team of bakers, including two certified in Culinary Therapy and one a licensed drama therapist, built a rigorous program to help displaced children and adults work through their experiences and build resilience, focusing on skill-building, autonomy, and use of metaphor to communicate difficult emotions. With a generous emergency grant from the Miami-Yeruham Partnership 2000, we expanded our kitchen to offer open cooking and baking hours to those living in temporary housing without kitchen facilities, encouraging independence and fostering a connection with home. 


Our work is only just beginning. With rates of mental health crises skyrocketing and Israelis only starting to process their collective and individual trauma, we need to expand our programs to reach youth at risk, isolated elderly, schoolchildren in vulnerable areas, families of reservists and more. 


Your donation will allow us to train additional bakers in skilled group facilitation, to purchase needed equipment, and to subsidize therapeutic baking sessions to those who need them at this difficult time. 


Give the gift of therapeutic baking to those in need

Our warm and welcoming kitchen is a place to process experiences and challenges, to grow, and to build resilience. Since the start of the war we have been using baking as a tool to help displaced families and families of reservists. With your help, we are expanding our program to reach youth at risk, the elderly, schools, and organizations that serve those in need.


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