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רקע עם עיטורים של מאפים, עלים ופרחים

Our Bakers

At Lehem Zeh our unique cooperative model invites small business owners to start or grow their business from our shared professional kitchen space. In our kitchen they gain access to professional tools, kosher certification, business and marketing support, and a community of like-minded bakers and visionaries.


Together our bakers help each other achieve their dreams of feeding their communities and supporting their families, while telling the story of their culture through their fresh and delicious baked goods.


Ariel Pollock Star

Lehem Zeh founder and bagel expert. Leader in social business, believer in the power of food and bread to connect between cultures and to connect us to ourselves.


Yehudit Ben Hemo

Storyteller in sourdough, veteran educator, and developer of health-forward Tunisian recipes.

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Betty Ben Shimon

Veteran educator and workshop leader. 

Frenot and Moroccan culture.

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Rivka Lichtenstein

Drama therapist by training, challah and mindfulness workshops, bringing Jerusalem culture to Yeruham.

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Adi Yosef

Leader of therapeutic workshops, baker of challot and Lehem Zeh's legendary babkas, sharer of Yemenite culture and breads.

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