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Workshops for Organizations and Tour Groups

Considering bringing your group to Yeruham? There's no better way to experience the past, present and future of this unique town than with a one of a kind baking experience at Lehem Zeh. Through our workshop "The Culture of Bread," your group will hear the story of bread as a cultural touchstone for the many groups that have made Yeruham their home, and a tool to connect between them. 

In this interactive, 1.5-2 hour experience, participants will learn how to make, form, and bake unique breads and spreads from one of the rich cultural traditions found in Yeruham, while hearing stories from our bakers about the role of baking in their tradition and personal history. They'll also hear the inspiring story behind Lehem Zeh, and the role it plays as a driver of local economic growth and community. 

At the conclusion of the workshop the participants will have the option to take their fresh breads and dips home, or enjoy them in our workshop space with a fresh, gourmet meal (at an additional cost).

Organized group workshops are available for groups of 15 or more participants. For smaller group workshops please see here or get in touch with us directly to build the right option for your group.

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We just finished a workshop with the lovely Ariel Star and I can no longer hold back from recommending! We celebrated a birthday with a bagel baking workshop and at the end we indulged in a special and tasty picnic basket. All in all fun, enjoyable and generous.... a highly recommended experience. Thanks Ariel!!

Carnit Ben Yashar

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