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Bread. Culture. Community.

Lehem Zeh is a unique space celebrating culture and tradition through baking.
Through workshops and events we connect people to the past, to each other, and to new adventures.

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Lehem Zeh kitchen

Our Story


Our little kitchen in the desert grew out of memories of home, a love of community, and a desire to help small businesses grow and succeed.

Workshops and events at Lehem Zeh

You're invited to discover a world of unique traditions and experiences through breads and baked goods. Whether you want to put on an apron and get your hands floury, or enjoy a delicious spread while learning about social entrepreneurship in the Negev - we have the right event for you and your group.

Workshops and Events

מגוון לחמים במטבח השיתופי לחם זה בירוחם


From our unique Friday Market to special events through out the year, we're always adding new adventures to the schedule.

Lehem Zeh bakers at work

Our Bakers

Yeruham is a small town with a lot of different people. Our bakers come from unique backgrounds, traditions, cultures and countries. Explore our cultural melting pot through the unique stories and tastes of each baker.

ציור של עלה
ציור של עלה
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The Experience

משפחה נהנית בסדנת בייגל בראנץ' במטבח השיתופי לחם זה בירוחם

We just finished a workshop with the lovely Ariel Star and I can no longer hold back from recommending! We celebrated a birthday with a bagel baking workshop and at the end we indulged in a tasty picnic basket. All in all fun, enjoyable and generous... a highly recommended experience. Thanks Ariel!!

Carnit Ben Yashar


Give the gift of therapeutic baking to those in need

Our warm and welcoming kitchen is a place to process experiences and challenges, to grow, and to build resilience. Since the start of the war we have been using baking as a tool to help displaced families and families of reservists. With your help, we are expanding our program to reach youth at risk, the elderly, schools, and organizations that serve those in need.


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Upcoming Events

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