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Private Group Workshops

Visiting Israel or the Negev and want to learn about the local culture? Celebrating a special event with family or friends? Looking for a unique option for a work event or a day out with a small group of coworkers?


Our workshops offer a fun and relaxing experience that combines hands on baking with unique stories and cultural experiences. Through the preparation of a cultural bread close to the heart and tradition of the lead baker, the participants will hear about memory, tradition, aliyah, social activism and more. 


These small group workshops last 2.5-3 hours, include a delicious meal at the workshop's conclusion, and are appropriate for groups from 6-15 people, ages 5-105! For smaller or larger groups please get in touch for special options.

Current workshop offerings include:

The Culture of Bread

Our flagship workshop brings together two professional bakers from wildly different backgrounds, to each tell their personal story, woven together with a hands-on bread-making experience of a cultural bread close to their hearts. From bagels to injera, challah to grilled flatbread - encounter a side of Israel and its people that you’ve never seen before. 230 NIS pp/130 NIS for children up to age 9.

Bagel Brunch

Old fashioned New York bagels? In Yeruham? Hear the unlikely story of how hand rolled, artisanal bagels arrived in Yeruham, while learning how to roll and boil your own! 175 NIS pp/120 NIS for children up to age 9.

A Moment in Challah

Learn the secret of fluffy, airy Shabbat challah, and also the secret of challah baking as a mindful and spiritual boost. Learn how to introduce a moment of calm and tranquility into your week through challah braiding, the ceremony of "hafrashat challah," and mindfulness techniques. 175 NIS pp/120 NIS for children up to age 9.

Bat Mitzvoosh! A Family Bat Mitzvah Experience

Mazal tov!! Bring all the special ladies in your life to celebrate with you, for a fun and meaningful "hafrashat challah" ceremony filled with special blessings and wishes just for you. Together you'll learn new techniques in chaalh braiding and take home beautiful challahs to enjoy during your special Shabbat! 175 NIS pp/120 NIS for children up to age 9.

לחם זה 6.jpg

We just finished a workshop with the lovely Ariel Star and I can no longer hold back from recommending! We celebrated a birthday with a bagel baking workshop and at the end we indulged in a special and tasty picnic basket. All in all fun, enjoyable and generous.... a highly recommended experience. Thanks Ariel!!

Carnit Ben Yashar

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